Some Digital Devices that can be Found in the White House

Posted by Jay Louineaux on
Daily News

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, you know that mobile phones are more than welcome in the Trump White House. Otherwise, there’s no way Donald Trump can make all those controversial and popular tweets.

Regardless of your politics, please understand that, since mobile devices have become standard devices in today’s White House, all bets are off.

It used to be that all communications from the White House has to go through a rigid hierarchy. This is how you maintain the integrity of the message. This is how you keep people in line. This is how you make sure that dissenting voices never get an audience.

It worked well for quite some time. But unfortunately, thanks to the rise of modern technology like Twitter, all bets are off.

Washington, D.C. at the White House.

Twitter, by its very nature and setup, encourages people to post their ‘hot take’ on anything they are monitoring or tracking. While this is perfectly fine for people tracking a food truck’s route so fans of the food truck can plan ahead, this can be both funny and dangerous when it comes to the President of the United States sharing his thoughts.

With Twitter, you can basically get anonymous tweets from people claiming to be insiders of the Trump White House revealing all sorts of controversies. On top of that, there are all sorts of online forums, message boards, as well as Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. These create a massive worldwide, borderless, free distribution system for information.

Now, even somebody as lowly as a White House intern or an intern at a White House contractor can get the word out regarding the things they claim to have seen or heard in the White House. This is why the digital devices that can be found in the White House really opens up a new vista in how we are to treat channels of power and how we’re going to process information from those channels.

How exactly can you tell which is official and which is unofficial? How much weight can you give to the word of somebody who claims to have worked in the White House? And just because they had a mobile phone or just because they had some screenshots, is that enough?

It seems that, as technology continues to evolve, it can always be said that human methods of coping with such technology will always remain ten years behind. Remember the Hillary email scandal? Well, this is due to the fact that there are digital devices that can be found in the White House.

Hillary had access to mobile devices. She also had access to laptops. It’s really mind-blowing how certain protocols were not followed. And a lot of this really has to do with the disconnect between what people were used to and how technology has quickly evolved.

The argument could be made that email is not exactly new. After all, email predated the internet by at least a decade. So how can anybody say with a straight face that email technology is still so cutting edge that people using it should be given some sort of pass or at least not be put under such extreme scrutiny?

Well, regardless of where you fall in this controversial issue, the truth is, digital devices that can be found in the White House pose great risks. While it’s easy to see the benefits that they can theoretically bring to the table, we may have a situation where it creates more problems than it solves.

The Issue of Trump Twitter Use

I guess in terms of ideals, what Donald Trump is doing with his Twitter account is the stuff that dreams are made of. For the longest time, there are lots of pundits on TV, radio and elsewhere who are constantly saying, “It would be nice if we get 100% transparency and accountability from the government.” They keep repeating it like it’s some sort of mantra.

Well, how do you think they’re reacting now that we have a president who actually just tweets whatever he’s thinking based on the latest hot button issue on the internet? Well, it’s a mixed reaction. For every person who is glad to see an unprecedented amount of candor and candidness from the most powerful and important person on the planet, there is no shortage of critics.

A lot of people are saying that this is unpresidential. A lot of the stuff that Trump tweets, especially the Charlottesville racial incident, casts the presidency in a bad light. In fact, Trump makes so many off the cuff remarks that a lot of people are saying that his Twitter use has really cheapened the presidency.

They wish he was like Obama. When Obama became president, he didn’t use Twitter as a personal soapbox. Whatever pronouncements came from President Obama had to go through a fixed hierarchy of people.

And even then, people still misspoke. Even then, there was still a need for damage control. Oftentimes, people had to walk back all sorts of statements made by other people that may be loosely connected with the presidency, and it was still a mess.

But then, there was still some sort of semblance of control. Not so with Trump. Accordingly, it’s a very disconcerting. And to many people, desperate times because they think that a madman is running the country.

Well, let’s be clear here. If you were to broadcast everything you thought, I’m sure you would come off as crazy as well. I know I would, and most other people I know.

The truth is, when you’re dealing with something that is as close to unfiltered thought as possible on Twitter, things will not hit the mark from time to time. Things will come off harsh, and things will come off bad. It’s just the way it is because that’s the high price we pay for authenticity, sincerity and candor.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m Donald Trump’s number one fan. Far from it. But this does just highlight the intersection of a political discourse and the types of digital devices that can be found in the White House.